Photo Dec 28, 11 24 25 PM
Photographed by @geminidoses

Hi all –

I wasn’t sure how to write or start this; it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.  

I’ve had some significant changes in my life, which impact how I will be connecting with you all, and how I will exist in the world as a sex educator, a tarot reader, and an individual being.

Changes in my Life

On Friday, December 27th, the final day of Venus of the decade, I had my last day as a sex educator at Nomia.  I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunities, the inspiration, and the personal and professional growth that Nomia gave me.  After working there for about two and a half years, it was time for me to expand my perspective and my skills.  

Leaving the field of sex education, at least nominally, is a grieving process.  I’m mourning the loss of a fundamental aspect of my identity, my professional trajectory, and my heart.  I am so honored to have worked for a womxn-owned, education-focused, and sex-positive safe space for so long, and leaving Nomia leaves a void in me.  

In addition, I’m also no longer offering tarot readings at Arcana.  The next chapter of my life doesn’t afford me the ability to offer appointments on Thursdays, so I am losing that aspect of my identity as well.  Arcana is such an uplifting and community-oriented space, and I am so fortunate and honored to have served as their tarot reader for the last year.  

Changes in my Offerings

All of these life changes will of course incur changes in my offerings.  While the departure of my structured sex education and spiritual offerings is a difficult loss for me, I am excited to offer more flexibility and independence in those services going forward.  

Sex Education:

You can book me for a sex education event, workshop or consultation through the Contact form on my website, or via DM on my Instagram.  I will also be offering periodical workshops that you can keep up with by following me on Instagram, and keeping an eye on my Events page.  

Tarot, Spellwork, Spiritual Services:

You can book me via the Contact page or Instagram DM for tarot readings, tarot events/parties, custom spells, and spiritual education workshops and events.  I offer tarot readings via Skype, or in person at local coffee/tea shops for folks who are local. I will be offering periodical spiritual education workshops at local venues, which you can keep up with via Instagram or my Events page.  

Photo Dec 28, 11 48 28 PM
Photographed by @geminidoses

Although this death process has been difficult and unnerving for my earthy Virgo sun/ Taurus moon self, I am so excited to continue growing, evolving, and connecting with you all in new and authentic ways.  I would love to hear how you all have navigated significant changes in your lives, losses of identity, and new chapters of death and rebirth.



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