Witchbody by Sabrina Scott: Book Review

Witchbody by Sabrina Scott
I was gifted this graphic novel at Pantheacon to review, and I am so grateful that it found me.
Reading this book is a sacred act; a ritual to be performed with purpose. The cerebral and occasionally convoluted language inspires the mind to meditate on the integration of individual and Earth.  The illustrations provide a raw and provocative visual journey which is both accessible and profound.
Each aspect of this graphic novel stands on its own.  Together, though, the text and artwork co-create a deep, primordial dreamscape for the reader to delve into.
Back Cover of Witchbody
Scott fearlessly embraces the reality of industrialization and environmental degradation, while maintaining honor and appreciation for our modern world.  Their acknowledgement of our personal and collective ontology in relation to magic, environmentalism and our own selves re-orients the reader’s view of what (and who) is “of value,” and calls those beliefs into question.
Witchbody utilizes no sugar-coating of our current collective reality, no antisepticizing of the muddy intermingling of earth and industry.  The literary, artistic and energetic aspects of Witchbody are organic and authentic.  The novel touches something within the soul of the reader that affirms, in their naked, unembellished, vulnerable selves, they are innately valuable and magical.
Scott provides the reader with an intellectual, emotional, visceral and even tactile experience of Western occult magic and environmental advocacy.  Scott identifies the book as a “talisman;” this appellation resonates deeply with me, as I already feel a living, ongoing, working relationship with the wisdom and contemplative stimulus that this creation provides.
Witchbody is a salve for the soul that yearns for a sense of connection to their craft, and the body that desires a a deeper immersion into the Earth it inhabits.

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