The Full Moon in Gemini

The full moon in Gemini is Friday, November 23. Gemini is the corresponding zodiac sign to The Lovers card: the “twins,” the “partners,” the multiple facets of ourselves that make up our identity and make us whole, complete beings.


Image via Chani Nicholas

The full moon calls upon us to revisit the intentions we set at the new moon and reflect on our accomplishments and manifestations of those intentions. In Gemini, the focus of these reflections and accomplishments is in the realm of intellect, social life, communication, collaboration and mental/cerebral pursuits.  This energy is in stark contrast to that of November 7th’s new moon in Scorpio, which focused on our inner Void, the depths of the subconscious, darkness, wisdom and internal/spiritual evolution.


Whether or not you already follow lunar cycles, how were you feeling around the time of November 7? What aspirations did you have in mind? What were you looking forward to?


How have those hopes and goals manifested themselves thus far? What have you accomplished within the realm of the social, the intellectual, the communicative? What are the separate parts of your identity that make up your whole Self? Are they harmoniously balanced, or do they conflict in a way that makes you feel fragmented? If the latter resonates with you, how could you find a way to integrate the facets of your Self into your whole Self in a way that feels balanced, authentic and serene?


Image Via Chani Nicholas

How could you channel the energy of Gemini in your life, and what would the embodiment of that energy look like in your life? Perhaps it would encourage you to be more open and friendly, to nurture more social connections, to offer more ideas at work or school, or to have that difficult-but-necessary conversation with your partner, relative or coworker.  


Make the most of this Gemini full moon power by meditating on these questions, and using corresponding crystals and herbs (which I’ll include in my next post) to amplify the energy of this lunation.


On this Gemini full moon, we are emerging from the dark, watery depths of Scorpio and leaping into the light of Gemini’s open air.  Whether you are freely dancing under a cloudless sky or still doused in the tears and sweat of Scorpio’s subconscious spiritual work, this full moon invites you to reflect on your efforts and achievements, connect with your community and celebrate the passing of Samhain season, while looking forward to the return of light at Yule and the next full moon.  


Image via Mystic Mamma

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